A plant sprouting from a copper penny

The Poverty Entrepreneur

Your Guide to Budget-Friendly Entrepreneurship

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If you’re tired of looking for business ideas and hearing people recommend buying a franchise, or looking for software and tired of people recommending the most expensive one, this website is for you.

I’ve read so many stories of entrepreneurs who started their business from scratch – after retiring early from their city finance job. What about those of us who are trying to get out of a tough financial situation…. Who don’t have a lovely financial cushion, but who instead are standing on some hot coals and would really like to step off?

I’ve created this site for all those people. If you’re looking for viable ideas which don’t require a big savings account to start up. Or you’re looking for the best software solution that isn’t out of reach of your budget. Or the one thing that genuinely is worth the investment.

I’m on this path, and I’m an avid researcher. I’ll google and go well beyond page 2 results! I’ve done this for years, and I’d like to share what I’m learning because I’m sure I’m not the only one searching. For those of us who are currently poverty entrepreneurs, trying to get to be comfortable entrepreneurs… who aren’t looking to make millions, but who just want to have a career we made for ourselves!

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A plant sprouting from a copper penny
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